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My entire experience started out at John Carroll University where I decided to attend college with nothing but the dreams of a psychology degree. This specific college has in place a course in which all freshman must take. They called it First Year Seminar. We all had the choice to branch of into a specific section that would spark our intrest the most and I decided to take Digital Media and Social Justice. Takeing this class as a requirement, I personally got way more out the class than ever expected. My professor, Dr. Shutkin, allowed us to take the creative freedom to design and create our own project/campaign that would tackle an issue that would be of importance to us. The only problem was we had to present an idea to the class and then the class will decide what projects we will work on by voting. So I presented an idea that would seem like a lot of fun to me to the class and to my surprise I was picked to the leader of my own project. The idea or motive behind my thinking was modeled after Jason Russel, the creator of the massivley succesful Kony 2012 campaign that swept across america. I wanted to target Apple and show the injustices they do to the public. I needed a way to present the idea in a way that people wil remeber. So my group and I created advertisments based off Apples own advertisments that would bring across a new and improved message. This is called culture jaming as seen above in the pictures shown. Through out this project something was revleaed to me. I hap an epifony that anyone, and i really mean anyone, can be the leader and voice of a movement if the idea is of importance to the american public simply using the internet as a tool. It is the perfect intersection between Digital Media (being social networks and blogs) and Social Justice (the idea). I relized One voice can tranlate to thousands simply by harnessing the power of the internet and technology as a tool, rather than letting the internet and technology influnce us. We all have the power to utilize the internet as a cataylist to our ideas instead of allowing the internet to affect our morals.

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